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Security And Identification Of Plastic Bags, And Food Wrappers

Shenzhen Jgoal Prototype Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2017

When buying plastic bags and plastic packaging, free look, smell, inquiry, methods of identification of food product safety. Looking to keep the product's name, to identify their purpose and use, do not use, so as not to cause accidents, followed by QS logo on the label, which is the national standard certification for plastic products in contact with food, look at the product, passing merchandise will not be light or spots, mist, bubbles and other issues. Note, if there is a strong plastic taste, shows that the container is not suitable for food preservation, could also be failed or poor-quality products, quality plastic products for food there should be no odor. Asked if the main function for loading food, take special care, to the sales personnel to understand the uses of plastics, are used for food preservation. Finally, cut and carefully touch the plastic container, if plastic openings burrs, belonging to the failed product.

Some individual processors for profit and to reduce costs, will recycle used oil barrels, flagon or infusion tube, as all pesticide tanks and other raw material for manufacture of plastic food bags, tons of harmful regenerated plastic food bags continue to flow all over the market, bring health risks to consumers. Experts think, given many regeneration plastic food bags has into market, and in some area illegal sales still exists, reminded people should strengthening recognition, reference method has three species: a, and put plastic bags put water in, if sank to water in, is again raw do of, if floating in water Shang, is new material do of; II, and again raw do of plastic bags has a unit unpleasant of smell, new material do of plastic bags smell is weak or no odor; three, and again raw do of plastic bags toughness poor, new material do of plastic bags toughness relative better.

In everyday life, we each household with plastic bags, plastic containers holding food has become commonplace, full shelves in the store, put plastic packaging for the food everywhere. As we all know, to packaging and food plastic should be nontoxic. But sometimes people do not pay attention to this problem, readily grabbed a plastic bag used to hold food, but doing so is harmful to the body. Because these plastic bags in the manufacturing process of the plasticizer di-n-butyl phthalate and dioctyl phthalate are toxic, add stabilizer lead stearate is also toxic. Coupled with lead salts are easily precipitated, once in the body will have a collection function, long poisoned, so use plastic packaging and holding food use special bags, boxes of food, should not be used casually.