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Mold Manufacturing Process Management

Shenzhen Jgoal Prototype Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2017

As we all know: in a mold factory, mold is one of the more difficult to manage departments, Mold Masters are very "character" of technical personnel, tooling Department Manager, not only do technical guidance, also have to deal with the heavy personnel management and organization of work. So, we can see most of the tooling Department Manager or supervisor is very "busy". Why are they so "busy"? That's because every day they are constantly deal with boss, business, customers are questioning the progress of mold problems, must spend more than half a day to monitor the mold manufacturing process. We might as well integrated, boss, business, customers often ask the question, what does? In fact, we found the following.

Mold has been completed a few hundred? Mold can be completed and delivery? Whether there is a problem in the manufacturing process? When there is a problem how to solve? So, workers die Department of management personnel to meet above of problem, on had to daily spent large of time to asked subordinates surface of master, to through they understand mold of production status, assumed a workers die Department has 50 sets mold in manufacturing in the, each sets mold and has dozens of, and even over 100 a artifacts, each pieces artifacts also has 3-7 a process, each bit master hands has twenty or thirty a artifacts by managers arrangements has in processing in the, It managers must understand this at the same time more than 1000 artifacts and processes of production conditions, even the most experienced managers will be nervous of this number!