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Milling Machine Parts And Routine Maintenance

Shenzhen Jgoal Prototype Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2017

No matter what machinery and punctual protection can effectively maintain its efficiency and product quality. Computer engraving machine is no exception, regarding the protection of computer engraving machine parts is very important. Computer engraving machine problems stem from spare parts presents a question, if you find questions in time, to prevent the situation from expanding. If you turn a blind eye, could form a very large loss. So a computer engraving machine parts protection is very important.

1, in the operation of a computer engraving and milling machine, to ensure that the rail surface clean, not chips, grain fell on it, and if so, will increase the friction of the Rails, Rails rusted. Needs time to protection and maintenance of the rail.

2, guide to stick to smooth and prevent friction, question, causing temperatures to increase. Rails is usually active and smooth, if guide is not smooth, needs to view the purge valve.

3, the need to view the guide rails smooth oil every day, if enough oil, lubricants should be increased; to check is not able to be punctual to start and stop the pump, and pay attention when the availability of smooth oil.

4, when machining graphite and ceramics, use graphite computer engraving machine. Since the graphite and ceramic materials, processing, dust, easy access to the rail, affecting life.

Close attention to the process of using computer engraving machine operations, punctual protection can stick to computers running effect of engraving and milling machine, extend its life, and ensure the quality of engraving.