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Light Weight, High Strength, High Absorption

Shenzhen Jgoal Prototype Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2017

Foam packaging is light weight, high strength, high energy absorption capacity (buffer, shock absorber), excellent resistance to pressure and excellent thermal insulation properties. Are widely used in all kinds of precision instruments, meters, valuables, electrical and electronic parts and the packaging of fruits and vegetables. Safe, reliable, and resistant to breakage and increase product value.

Bubble packing box now can be said to be everywhere, whether it is selling fruits or vegetables, or are some of the high-tech product packaging is made of foam packaging. Because it is very light in weight, in the process of moving and will not lead to too much pressure, and it has very good protective function, can basically buffer a lot of come from outside pressure, items can be protected at any time. Other than this, box with foam insulation features also did very well, so we can see a lot of fresh food are placed in foam boxes.

In appearance, it is also very beautiful, square, and you can use very long, not easily deformed after the forming. Cold storage, rail passenger cars above, fresh foam boxes on the utilization rate is also very high. Productions made in foam boxes in the process, it is also very easy to shape the product, but very energy efficient, the cost is very low, very good resistance to pressure. The advantages of this kind of, how can we not choose it.