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What is a CNC

Shenzhen Jgoal Prototype Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2017

Traditional machining using manual machine tool operation, processing hand shake machine tool when cutting metal, to the eyes using tools such as calipers to measure the accuracy of product. Modern industry already uses computer digital control machine tools for homework, CNC machine tools can follow the technician programmed in advance automatically to any products and components directly for processing. This is what we call "NC". Any widely in all machining CNC machining field, is an important and necessary tooling development trends and techniques.

"CNC" are Computerized Numerical Control (computer numerical control) abbreviation.

According to prepare well in advance of NC machine tool machining program automatically processing the workpiece. We put parts of processing process route, and process parameter, and tool of movement track, and displacement volume, and cutting parameter (spindle turned number, and into to volume, and back eat knife volume,) and auxiliary function (for knife, and spindle are turned, and reverse, and cutting liquid open, and shut,), according to NC machine provides of instruction code and the program format prepared into processing program single, again put this program single in the of content records in control media Shang (as perforation tape, and tape, and disk, and magnetic bubble memory), then entered to NC machine of NC device in the, Command of machine parts.

This made from parts of analysis to control all media called NC programming of the process. CNC machine tool and differs from ordinary machining parts of NC machine tool is in accordance with the procedure of automatic processing components, machine tool operation by people, we only need to change programs to control machine can achieve the objective of processing different parts. Therefore, the CNC machine is especially suitable for processing small batches and complex shapes require high precision parts

Since the NC machine tool is in accordance with the procedures for processing parts, after program staff program, enter in the numerical control device to command the machine working. Program input is through the controlled media.