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Sheet metal processing technology of complex

Shenzhen Jgoal Prototype Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2017

Sheet metal process in General, basic equipment, including plate shearing machine (Shear Machine), CNC punching machine (CNC Punching Machine)/laser, plasma, water jet cutting machines (Cutting Machine), Bender (Bending Machine) as well as various ancillary equipment such as: uncoiler, leveling machines, deburring machines, spot welding machine, and so on.

Typically, sheet metal process four of the most important steps is cutting, punching/cutting/, folding/roll, welding, surface treatment and so on.

Sheet metal sometimes pull the, the word comes from the English platemetal, usually with thin metal by hand or stencil stamping to produce plastic deformation to form the shape and size you want, and further through welding or a small amount of machining more intricate parts, such as family used in the chimney, iron furnace, and car bonnets are sheet metal parts.

Sheet metal processing sheet metal processing. Produced by plates such as chimneys, drums, oil pot head size, ventilation pipes, elbows, round, funnel-shaped, main process is to cut, bend, buckle, bending, welding, riveting, and so on, requires a certain knowledge of geometry. [1]

Is sheet metal sheet metal parts, which can be done by stamping, bending, stretching and other means to the part, a general definition-

In the process of constant thickness parts. Corresponding castings, forgings and castings, machined parts, such as automotive outer shell is sheet metal, stainless steel kitchenware and sheet metal parts.

Modern sheet metal process include: a filament winding, laser cutting, heavy machining, metal bonding, metal pull, plasma cutting, precision welding, roll forming, sheet metal bending, forging, water jet cutting, precision welding.

Surface treatment of sheet metal is gold-plating process is an important element, because it prevents parts rust, enhancing the appearance of the product, and so on. Sheet metal surface pre-treatment's role is mainly to oil, oxidation, rust, getting ready for the surface treatment, which mainly spray (baked) paint, spray and rust-proof plating layer and so on.

3D software, SolidWorks, and UG, Pro/e, SolidEdge and the TopSolid, CATIA and other sheet metal parts, primarily through editing of 3D graphics, get data required for sheet metal processing (such as bend lines) as well as CNC punching machine (CNC Punching Machine)/laser, plasma, water jet cutting machine (Laser,Plasma,Waterjet Cutting Machine)/laminating machine (Combination Machine) and CNC bending machines (CNC Bending Machine) provides the data.