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Shenzhen Jgoal Prototype Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 05, 2017

Product Description

Services all you need for your product development from CHINA in a bargain way.

Design - Prototype - Tooling - Production


Medical Equipment Design

Biotech Instrument Design

Police & Military Equipment

Wireless & Touch Screen Application

Waterproof Design


Market Research & Strategy

Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineer

Collaborative Design

Rapid Prototyping & Sampling

Tooling Eng. Development

SME Production

Accepting Customers' Entrustments from Domestic and Overseas, Jgoal-[rototype is mainly engaged in Product Design, Engineering Development and Prototyping. In order to reduce Customers' Expanse and Increase Production Efficiency, we participate in Design at initial Developing Phase to improve the Product Structure Design. Also, we select Suitable Manufacturing Procedures and Engineering Materials; together with Integrated Supply Chain Vendors that have ISO Certification to ensure the Time Controlling of Product Launching.

The gathering of Taiwanese, Japanese & Chinese Suppliers, together with ISO Certified Factories which have passed strict Approval Examination and been cooperated for many years, including Sub-contractors from Tooling, Injection, Metal, Post Processing and Assembling, making cooperating Companies of Diverse Scales and Ranks that provide needs from Sampling, Small Quality to Large Quality in Production.

Jgoal is mainly engaged in Product Designing and Developing, Prototyping, Plastic Injection, Post Processing, Metal Manufacture Procedure, Hardware and Assembling. Meanwhile, we also Provide other Procurement Services, such as Purchasing of Customized Parts and Standardized Components . Moreover, we can provide Traveling Services you need during your Business Trip to China as an Agency.

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