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Anodizing Anodizing is the use of electrolytic principle in some metal surface plating with a thin layer of other metal or alloy process is the use of electrolysis to make metal or other materials on the surface of a metal film attached to the process to prevent metal oxidation ( Such as...

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 Anodizing is the use of electrolytic principle in some metal surface plating with a thin layer of other metal or alloy process is the use of electrolysis to make metal or other materials on the surface of a metal film attached to the process to prevent metal oxidation ( Such as corrosion), improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) and enhance the role of aesthetics

Anodizing is an electrochemical technique for changing the surface properties of some metals. We are able to anodize aluminum, magnesium and titanium.
 There are many reasons to choose an anodized surface treatment. It improves corrosion protection, surface hardness, wear resistance, aesthetic appearance and the adhesion of paints and primers. It also reduces electrical conductivity, helps to dissipate heat and reduces surface reflection.
 We use primarily Type II anodizing, which allows the surface to accept colorants and dyes. Type II is also ideal as a base for painting, which further increases corrosion protection.
 working principle
 Anodizing requires a low-voltage, high-current power supply to the plating bath and an electrolysis device consisting of a plating bath, a part to be plated (cathode), and an anode. Wherein the composition of the plating solution varies depending on the plating but contains a main salt which provides a metal ion, a complexing agent capable of complexing a metal ion in the main salt, a buffer for stabilizing the pH of the solution, an anode activator and Special additives such as brighteners, grain refiners, leveling agents, wetting agents, stress relievers, and antifogging agents. Anodizing process is the metal ions in the bath under the action of external electric field, the electrode reaction to reduce the metal atoms, and the metal deposition process on the cathode. Thus, it is a metal electrodeposition process involving the steps of liquid phase mass transfer, electrochemical reaction and electro-crystallization.
 Plating bath containing plating solution, after cleaning and special pretreatment to be plating as a cathode, made of coated metal anode, poles, respectively, with the DC power supply of the cathode and cathode connection. The plating solution is composed of an aqueous solution containing a plating metal compound, a conductive salt, a buffer, a pH adjusting agent and an additive. After power, the metal ions in the plating solution, the role of the potential difference in the movement to the cathode to form a coating. The metal of the anode forms a metal ion into the plating bath to maintain the concentration of the plated metal ion. In some cases, such as chrome, is the use of lead, lead antimony alloy made of insoluble anode, it only plays the role of transmission of electrons, conduction current. The concentration of chromium ions in the electrolyte is maintained by the periodic addition of a chromium compound to the bath. Anodizing, the quality of the anode material, the composition of the plating solution, temperature, current density, power-on time, stirring intensity, precipitated impurities, power waveform will affect the quality of the coating, the need for timely control.
 First, the plating solution has six elements: the main salt, additional salt, complexing agent, buffer, anode activator and additives.
 Anodizing principle includes four aspects: Anodizing solution, Anodizing reaction, electrode and reaction principle, metal electrodeposition process.
 Anodizing reaction in the electrochemical reaction: The following diagram shows the Anodizing device, the parts being plated as the cathode, and the DC power supply is connected to the anode, the anode and DC power supply anode connected anode and cathode are immersed in the bath. When a certain potential is applied between the cathode and the cathode, the following reaction takes place at the cathode: metal ions Mn + diffusing from the inside of the plating solution to the interface of the electrode and the plating bath to obtain n electrons from the cathode. On the other hand, at the anode, the reaction with the cathode is completely reversed, that is, the dissolution of the metal M occurs at the anode interface, and the n electron generating metal ions Mn + are released.

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